What is HSSConnect?

HSSConnect is the Precision Ag solutions branding within Honeycombes Sales and Service. This is a separate department within the business dedicated to both internal and external support for our products and technology. Their main aim is to develop, implement and execute technology based agronomic services around the exceptionally advanced integrated technology products we sell to our growers, so that their ownership experience until EOL is second to none.

The HSSConnect team is made up of 5 full-time employees plus some dedicated focus people in each location to help mainstream our vision into the rest of the organisation.


Why do we exist?

With nearly all products we sell at Honeycombes Sales and Service going out the door with a piece of technology either built in, or added to it, we recognise that customers don’t want to have to pay travel and labour for simple issues or just to help with setting up guidance or documentation.

On top of this, we found that our best technicians and service managers were being delayed on jobs answering simple customer calls and adding extra time to the jobs at hand. This wasn’t fair to customers with machines being worked on and with this over-the-phone support requirement only going to get more and more important we realised something needed to be done.


What does it cost?

As we mentioned earlier, think about how far you are from your local dealership. How much would it cost in labour and travel for a technician to come out for a problem that may have been solved over-the-phone? You may be 40kms from town, that’s ½ an hour each way, plus the technician may be there for an hour. At $120/hr retail labour rate it doesn’t take long to make the subscription worthwhile.

Also, how many times have you needed help, had a technician called out for diagnostics and once he has discovered the problem he needs to do another trip to return with the part? We can significantly reduce the chance of this happening by having an idea of the problem before the technician leaves the dealership so he has the right parts with him the first time.

Our 12 month HSSConnect Greenstar Support Package subscription price: $750 including GST

You mentioned technology services? What do you have on offer for your customers right now?

Over the past 12 years whilst developing our precision ag business, we were confronted with a few scenarios from our customers that they really wanted to see and two of them really stood out for us. One of them was pay in advance support as opposed to pay as you go support, and the other one being consistent travel charges from mobile support.

For us in the dealership, we were seeing things like software not current which is the first thing that must be up to date when you have any sort of problem with technology. Other items like operator training with the skills shortages we have seen in the modern era were also crucial for a great ownership experience for our clients.

With all this in mind, we had to encompass a basic support package for the majority of our customers that was at a reasonable cost that minimised most issues around our common Auto-steer packages including receivers & displays.

From there we came up with our 12 month HSSConnect Greenstar Support package. The HSSConnect Greenstar support package covers you for unlimited telephone support and a host of other services if you live up to 50 km from the dealership.

These include;

  • Summer and winter software upgrades as they are released from Deere.
  • Zero travel costs associated with “Greenstar Related” faults for up to 5 return trips.
  • 5% discount of the RRP off any Greenstar AMS Equipment purchased during the 12 month term.
  • 24/7 access to the HSSConnect Greenstar RTK DGPS network.
    Informal operator training whilst onsite performing winter and summer software upgrades.
  • Remote Greenstar display diagnosis time via Remote Display Access (RDA) for customers with a valid JDLink Subscription.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce your downtime by having answers when and where you need them.
  • Reduce costs of unneeded travel and labour for simple issues.
  • Have comfort knowing a fully qualified factory trained technician is available to you with the tools, simulators and resources available at their fingertips to keep you going.
  • Reduce your workload by having your operators contact us for help.
  • Have the security of someone monitoring your JDLink™ enabled equipment and notifying you of important codes that may come up.

to name only a few…

What other services do you offer currently or what do you plan to develop in the future?

With the advent of farming QA programs such as SmartCane BMP, we have worked with growers on a custom level across our area of responsibility to help fill the gaps that were holding them back from achieving this important certification.

A setup file is one of the most common services which we provide which includes mapping boundaries for the client on a few levels depending on availability of current RTK maps which could involve having to drive the boundaries if need be.

Once the boundaries were set we measured all equipment utilised in their operation and cleaned this data up in their Greenstar displays. Once this was complete a MyJohnDeere profile was created and all information was uploaded in here ready for the importation of good clean data via telematics to the MyJohnDeere operations centre.

We also offer a 12 month service around our landforming products being Igrade and Terracutta to make this customer experience stress free. Please contact your local solutions specialist for more information on 1300 466 392.

What type of support are you offering and to whom?

Due to the ever changing and advancing products from John Deere and our other manufacturers, HSSConnect have implemented a dedicated business hour (8am – 5pm Mon – Fri excluding public holidays) Call Centre under the number 1300 466 392 which provides the following support;

  • Internal Tech support for our 40+ Service Technicians across the group to ensure machine downtime is minimised for our clients whilst all types of repairs are carried out in both field and shop. Our dedicated technical specialists assist our technicians with diagnostics, repair procedures and even through to liaising with the factories on the curliest of issues. We also support our parts and sales departments ensuring you get the right machine solutions unique to your operation.
  • External customer telephone support for all Greenstar products to ensure our customers are back in operation as quick as possible. This is purchased within our HSSConnect Greenstar support package* and covers you for endless phone support when operating your Greenstar equipment so you are never feel alone. The post code manager ensures you are connected to your regional solutions specialist as no one knows your operation like they do.
  • Remote Machine Monitoring is another key operation that happens within the HSSConnect Call Centre. During Call Centre hours on all JDLink enabled** machinery, our dedicated technical specialists are monitoring yellow and red alerts and performing remote diagnostic sessions sometimes before the operator has had the chance to call the dealer for their fault. Customer feedback has been very positive as the technician doesn’t have to leave the dealership to perform initial testing so the cost savings on both travel and travel time have been significant, let alone the minimised downtime from not having to await a technician to arrive on site.
  • Technology Services are also sold and executed from the HSSConnect Call Centre. We have a dedicated Call Centre administrator who makes sure that every item in your technology agreement no matter how large or small, is completed with precision so you receive the utmost value.

*Support package purchased separately.

**telematics subscription purchased separately.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe a number of different ways. Click on the link to fill in the interactive application form or drop into your local branch.

  • Complete the below form below
  • Email us at ⦁ [email protected] with your name, address, phone number and subscription level required.
  • Call us on 1300 466 392 and our friendly HSSConnect Solution Specialists will be happy to assist.


  • Calls outside normal operating hours are directed to an on-call representative.
  • Service Advisor Remote applicable to JDLink™ enabled machines only.