Tillage Equipment

995 Reversible Plough

Looking for a reliable plow that offers lots of features and comes in several sizes?

John Deere 975/995 Reversible Plows give you some definite advantages, both in the field and on your bottom line.

ModelsWorking DepthWorking SpeedResidue ManagementResidue ConditionsDepth Control

306 mm (up to 12 in.)

8 – 11.3 km/h



TruSet™ and Single-Point Depth Control

ModelsWorking DepthWorking SpeedCut Width# of bottomsResidue ConditionsDepth Control

356 mm (up to 14 in.)

8 km/h

406 or 457 mm

3, 4, or 5


Gauge wheels

356 mm (up to 14 in.)

8 km/h

457 mm

5, 6, or 7


Gauge wheels

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