Gator UV Attachments

gator with winch attachment hauling logs

Gator™ Utility Vehicle Attachments, Accessories
and Implements

close up view of gator roof


Install a roof and get year-round weather protection for you and your passengers. Also acts as great base to build a full enclosure with a windshield, rear panel and doors.

close up view of gator with light at dusk


Extend your day with our wide selection of lights. Built tough to withstand harsh conditions and are easily installed to save you time.

gator with attachments on a ranch

Ag Management Solutions

Quickly map valuable information and gather data to increase yields with an AMS integration kit. Easily installs and integrates with other John Deere Ag Management solution systems.

closeup view of winch attachment on gator


Pull up to 2,040 kg with our quick-connecting winches. Built from premium parts, our winches work as hard as you do.

image of guards and bumpers on gator


Don’t hesitate to tackle that nasty trail when you’re protected with brush guards, skid plates and more.

closeup on windshield on a gator


Get additional protection without obstructing your view. Choose from full or half windshields, with or without wipers, for complete customization.

gator dumping logs onto the ground

Gator Utility Vehicle Attachments and Accessories

On the trail, work-site, or in the backyard, these tough kits, tools and packages can take your Gator to the next level.