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Precision Spraying nozzle control you can really see, starts with Johh Deere ExactApply™ nozzles. Our Section Control ensures you are only spraying the areas that need it. Precision Spraying makes a great farm even better. Get increased productivity and reduced spraying costs with John Deere Precision Spraying Equipment.

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John Deere 400 & 600 Series Sprayers

Our new sprayers help you consistently spray more hectares a day without feeling it. A new cab surrounds you in comfort, while improvements to spray quality help ensure consistent application, so you can work faster and more precise.

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Hagie STS Sprayers

Hagie’s new single-tank solution (STS) sprayers combine the best of Hagie engineering with John Deere technology for a machine that works in any season. From split-application of nitrogen to late-season fungicide application, Hagie helps you Enter the Field Any Day.™

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ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System

Add individual nozzle control to your new 400, 600, and STS Sprayer – factory installed – and get precise droplet sizing for consistent application plus 3 to 5% savings in chemical usage. It ends over-application, crop burn, and off-target drift. It also maintains your target rate and pressure over a wider range of speeds. Available as a Performance Upgrade for select R Series Sprayers.

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See and Spray™ Select

Cover your fallow fields using advanced camera and nozzle-control technology to spray only emerged weeds – and use less herbicide per acre. Available on 400 and 600 Series Sprayers, See and Spray Select allows you to use more effective tank mixes to control herbicide-resistant weeds cost-efficiently.

More power to the ground, better fuel efficiency.

CommandDrive Powertrain™ is a hydrostatic all-wheel-drive powertrain that transfers more power to the ground when and where you need it, while offering improved traction, fuel efficiency and a quieter ride for the operator.
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Be in total command of your productivity and efficiency.

When time’s the critical factor, with tight application windows, you need to cover more hectares quickly and efficiently. That’s where the John Deere 400 & 600 Series Sprayers featuring the CommandDrive Powertrain™ as standard come into their own. No matter what the crop, season, field conditions or terrain, they make accurate applications faster, more efficient and more comfortable than ever before.



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